"Alone one cannot share life"


AARP Zarela Martinez, Pioneer of Regional Mexican Food living with Parkinson’s



Since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004, I’ve been dedicated to talking to people about my approach to dealing with Parkinson’s disease This method has allowed me to lead a fulfilling, productive, and  joyful life despite having to deal with this extremely difficult condition. When AARP approached me about doing this wonderfully . comprehensive video for their Spanish-language website, I jumped at the chance to make my message known. I am absolutely thrilled with the excellent job producer Dianela Urdaneta De Ratha and cameraman David Usui created.

Looking  back on my career, I realize that I have had Parkinson’s since 1987, the year my restaurant Zarela opened.  I wonder if the stress of that endeavor precipitated the onslaught of the disease.  But it did not stop me! I had a life plan I aimed to fulfill and I was able to do just that:  In a nutshell this consisted of 1.) Open a restaurant 2.) Write a book 3.) Have a PBS series 4.) a line of products 5.) Leave a Legacy (Harvard’s Schlesinger Library bought my papers in 2013.

I’ve managed the condition by engaging in the activities that are key to controlling Parkinson’s: Exercise, Creativity, and Socialization.  My life is in many ways dedicated to managing this disease.  I exercise constantly (water aerobics, boxing, walking,) I am always involved in a creative business or other project, trying to prove that I can do whatever I set my mind on despite the limitations. I had a bit role in a movie MORONGA  and released an album with Humberto Flores,  Sad Songs from a Happy Heart. I love to talk to groups about my method of self-healing. And I am constantly cooking and entertaining!  It’s a good life.

The video now has subtitles!

You can see it HERE.