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Chihuahua Querida

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Welcome to Chihuahua Querida! A week-long celebration of the food and culture of Chihuahua, Mexico, including chefs, artists and storytellers. I grew up in this mountainous, rugged, majestic state on our ranch San Pedro de Ojitos where I broke horses, cut cattle and cooked with my mother until I was shipped off to boarding school. Through these events I know you will fall in love with this very special region of Mexico


Casa Mezcal will  graciously host the first three events.


Sunday, June 3rd   Prepare a Pig From Head To Feet

You will learn to make chorizo, cecina, carnitas, manteca, chicharrones and tamales and other pork delicacies.  Cost is $65.00. Includes light lunch and a beverage.

Class is at Jimmy’s 43 at  43 East 7th, at 12pm

June 4th Press Party Hosted by the Mexico Tourism Board 6:00-9:00  PM

My presentation will be entitled: How I learned to cook, break horses and cut cattle. There is nothing that I have loved as much as our ranch San Pedro de Ojitos in Chihuahua.  I will speak about the life there, centered on cooking. There will be Chihuahua food provided by Chef Julian Medina of Toloache.

Photo by RAEchel Running

June 5th – Pancho Villa’s 132nd birthday celebration with performance artist Narciso Martinez

Pancho Villa’s 132nd birthday celebration with performance artist Narciso Martinez – who appears as Pancho Villa. Photographer Raechel Running will also give a presentation of her magnificent photographs
of Chihuahua. Appetizers and drinks will be served.

Pancho Villa
Prices for 1-3 persons

Casa Mezcal 6-8PM  $25.00 per person appetizers and drinks; cash bar after 8:00PM

Wednesday June 6: Comparison tasting of Sotol and  Mezcal.

The native Chihuahua spirit called sotol is about to make it’s mark on the tequila-mezcal bar scene.  Unlike mezcal, tequila and bacanora, its not made from agave, but a different plant altogether; Dasylirion wheeleri. The mezcal presentation will be given by our host Ignacio Carballido, owner of Casa Mezcal, an will feature a wide range of styles and brands.

Appetizers featuring  machaca (the Northern style  beef jerky) will be prepared by Cafe Frida

Thursday, June 7th 11am-3pm: Chihuahua Querida










A full lineup of Chihuahua food and presentations. Anthropologist Elsa Rodriguez Garcia will speak about the ruins of Paquime and other important Chihuahua discoveries. Zarela’s son Aaron Sanchez of TV’s “Chopped” fame will be serving authentic Chihuahua chuck wagon-style food and agua fresca (a non-alcoholic hibiscus flower drink). Ron Bridgemon will discuss tourism in Chihuahua. Conservationist Carmela Wallace will introduce master pottery maker Diego Valles. And Dave Hensleigh will speak about the famed Raramuri runners and the Copper Canyon.

Centrico Restaurant, 211 West Broadway, 212-431-0700.
Presentations/food free. Cash bar. Reservations must be made through
Danielle Kim at Danielle@jigsawmgt.com or 571-334-6058.



Friday, June 8th 10am-4pm: Pottery Class with Diego Valles

Diego Valles, master potter of Mata Ortiz – a whole town dedicated to the art of pottery-making – will be giving an all-day class. He will speak about his technique and his art will be on display.

Greenwich Pottery House, 16 Jones Street, 212-242-4106. $95


Saturday, June 9th, 11am-2pm: Cooking Class with Zarela Martinez

Learn classic Chihuahua cooking from the master. Zarela Martinez will teach all her favorite recipes she learned from her mother, including albondigas, carne con chile colorado, flour tortillas, frijoles
charros and calabacitas.

Suenos, 311 West 17th Street, 212-243-1333. $50

Cooking Class Chihuahua Ranch Food