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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Menus and Recipes

This was a different Christmas Eve-very intimate. I was extra cautious this year and did not send out  invitations and then neglected  to invite people personally so the table was small and sweet –7 of my nearest and dearest shared an intimate evening with.   Of course I still cooked as did other members of the family.  We have a tradition in our family: Everything that we serve at home, especially on special occasions, has to be home-made, except for wine, cheese, and bread.

I made my mother’s second favorite party dish–a spectacular layered crepe dish, a pineapple salad I’ll include in my new book, Marissa brought a delicious vinegared fish  and I had to have the shrimp salad from the restaurant.

The picture does not do it justice but believe me it was delicious.



Christmas Day dinner was great.  On good years we always have prime rib,  on lean years I make pork cooked  in sauerkraut and beer, a recipe I adapted from my friend MaryJo, a quirky artist married to jazz critic Ira Gitler.  We spent Christmas Day with the them for years but when the boys and Marissa started askingto bring dates we couldn’t fit anymore into their tiny apartment filled with art and records.

I’m sorry  but I could not upload the picture of the pork!  I wonder who is having a hand in this?

This year was a pork year and the picture reminds me of the fabulous Alan Stillman ad “horrifying vegetarians for years” and it was delicious.  I only wish that someone had  been there to film Pedro and my  efforts to turn the fresh ham to all sides to sear it.  It kept sliding out of our grasp   but eventually we did it.  I think I’ve already posted the recipe but if I did not, I will right now.  It is fabulous..  I made my root puree and coffee crunch.  Victoria brought Christmas pudding, Manu , Marissa’s husband brought a sinfully  thick chocolate mousse. Julian and Annie brought salt-baked fish and great veggies. And fun was had by all, especially  because the kids were there.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUE0K4rRunAb  Shane was there but we are so proud of his dbut as a composer and clarinetist that we want you to see him in you tube. Some of you might remember him from his last group Bones Royale.  Quite a change.


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