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Peruvian food as I had hoped it would all be!


We finally had the kind of meal that I had expected to enjoy throughout my travels in Peru. One sparkling fresh ceviche came one after the other, exciting my palate and filling me with joy.

The restaurant is Don Fernando after the founder who  opened it 23 years ago. The kitchen is now manned by his sons,  two equally talented brothers Fernando  Arturo Vera Homa pictured here on the left and his brother Antonio who was off that day.  You can really taste the more assertive seasoning of the northern-style of cooking.

clam cebiche Still alive when they came to the table, these fabulous clams were doused with “leche tigre”, the lime sauce used to marinate fish for ceviche or cebiche.

I called this Tiradito but they had another name for it.  It is  somewhat like the tiradito and new style-sashimi at Nobu minus the cooking of the later but with olive oil

tiradito These marvelous little clams are sold dried and rehydrated overnight. They have the charming name of  palabritas which means little words!

We all agreed that this sea urchin cebiche (as they  spell  it there) was the most luxurious dish on the menu.  I was in heaven and in an altered state so they took us to see the incredible  collection of pre-Incan Mochica erotic art at the spectacular Museo Larco that I will write about in more detail later.

sea urchin cebiche

Vying for second was the sparkling fresh bonito cebiche.  One of the chef/owners Arturo  who prepared this spectacular meal, said this fish is what the poor eat.   He obviously does not know what fish costs here.


The crab ceviche was messy to eat but deliciously tangy.

crab ceviche


I’m not sad just stuffed. I have a theory that one fills up on flavor. But I could not pass up the octopus and tuna muchame. The tuna tasted and had the texture of the tuna carpaccio/prosciutto so popular here now.


We begged for mercy but he still had 5 dishes to serve us.  We settled on three. First was this seafood with crispy garlic.

seafood with garlic

Followed by manta ray with garbanzos and a delicious chile sauce. Hooray! I missed it


And finally the Pato Acuyado (Duck prepared in the style that they serve cuy (guinea pigs)  but dessert would follow along with pisco limecello, and then a digestive tea for me.


Finally dessert time.  We forgot to photograph one,  He promised to send all recipes so look out for them in the next few days



The Group

me with tuna and octopus











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