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Because I have so much content, when I last updated my website, my number one priority was to include an index of my favorite Mexican food recipes from simple (pico de gallo salsa) to the sublime, manchamanteles. They encompass the food of different times of my life and trace my development as a cook, researcher, and author. These include Mexican food basics such as moles, masa and tamales. There are classic sauces, building blocks if you will, like red chile sauce, tangy tomatillo salsa, and the classic salsa veracruzana  that I learned at my mother’s side on our ranch in Chihuahua.  You will also find chilaquiles and creamy rice casserole, favorites at my restaurant Zarela

Seafood is featured prominently, including my signature dish red snapper hash, shrimp in garlic sauce,  oven-roasted whole fish, to the now trendy seafood cocktails known as aguachiles. You will find many salad and vegetable recipes too and some desserts.

Creamy Rice Casserole photo by www.michaelsofronski.com

This index is an invaluable guide to discover the rich and varied regional cuisines that I covered  in my books Food from my Heart, The Food and Life of Oaxaca, and Zarela’s Veracruz. Use the following alphabetical index to search for recipes by category. You can also search by ingredients by typing your ingredient in the box to the right.