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Restaurants in Michoacán

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Restaurants in Michoacán
Restaurant San Miguelito
Av. Camelinas/Contra Esquina
Centro de Convenciones
58070 Morelia, Michoacán México
Telephone: 011-52-443-324-2300/324-4411
Manager/owner Lic. Cynthia Martínez

This is a spectacular and very fun restaurant where every table has a different design and setting. One room called “El Cuarto de las Solteronas (The Spinster’s Corner ) is decorated with hundreds of statues of St. Anthony set upside down. Latins believe that if you stand this miraculous saint on his head and pray really hard, you’ll get a husband! El Altar de las Conversaciones (The Altar of Conversation) is a communal table decorated as an altar. I’d go there just to see it but fortunately the food is fabulous. A great band was playing the Friday night we were there. This was my absolute favorite restaurant in Morelia.

Recommended dishes: Balde de huitlacoche Terrine of Corn mushroom, with corn, poblano chiles, and queso blanco. Solterones – Beef carpaccio with capers, green olives, perón chiles, cilantro in a lime-Maggi sauce dressing. Ensalada Kahlo – Spinach salad with grated carrot and coconut, seasonal fruit in a hibiscus flower dressing. Huesitos Morita y Tamarindo – Baby back ribs with a morita chile-tamarind barbecue sauce.
Good grilled meats and poultry and fish dishes
Good wine list and excellent margaritas
English language menus available

Restaurant in Morelia

Restaurant Casa de la Calzada
Calzada Fray Antonio de San Miguel # 344
Centro Histórico
Morelia, Michoacán, México
011-52-443- 313-5319
Manager/Owner: Lucero Soto Arriaga

This gorgeous restaurant set in a stately mansion, is located near the ancient aqueduct on a lovely street. Run by the exuberant, attractive, and English-speaking Lucero Soto it features well-prepared modern Mexican food.

Recommended dishes: Assorted tacos, crepes. And pizzas. Carpaccio Aniversario – Smoked salmon with lime and hot sauce. Ensalada Mulata – Fresh spinach with crisply fried pasilla chiles, ranch-style cheese, and tortilla strips in a blackberry vinaigrette. Brocheta Turicuato – Shrimp skewer with chimichurri, chile pequín, and mango sauce

Restaurant Los Mirasoles
Fernando Figueroa
Av. Madero Poniente 459
Esq. León Guzmán
Centro Histórico
Morelia, Michoacán
Phone: 443-313-2587

The grand family home of the current Secretary of Tourism who’s had a distinguished career as president of the state university, former governor of Michoacán, Senate Leader, and ambassador to Argentina has been turned by his son into a very elegant restaurant specializing in Argentine-style beef dishes. A fully-equipped conference /dining room is great for business meetings.

Recommended dishes:Trucha al Limón

La Casa del Portal
Guillermo Prieto # 30
Centro Histórico
58000 Morelia, Michoacán
Telephone: 011-52-443-313-4899 or 317-4217

Overlooking the magnificent town square lined with spectacular mansions, this is the place to sample traditional Michoacán food or to have a margarita or cold beer at the fun bar.

Recommended dishes: Enchiladas Placeras – Plaza-style enchiladas served with a piece of pan-fried chicken. Requesón Campirano – (Creamy Hoop Cheese with chipotle) served with tortilla chips and a chile negro sauce. Charales del Lago – crispy fried little fish with a chipotle aioli. Sopa Tarasca and Sopa de Corunda are two delicious soups. And local salmon trout is wonderful in a chile pasilla-chile poblano sauce with a tinge of vinegar.

Restaurant La Mesa de Blanca
Avenida Ferrocarril s/n
Ziracuaretiro, Michoacán (ZC) 61700
*Open Thursday-Sunday only*

Something that shouldn’t be missed when traveling to Michoacán in the lovely painted ceiling at the tiny church in the village of Tupátaro. It makes a nice side trip when combined with a visit to the town of Cuanajo (known for its carved and elaborately decorated furniture,) especially if you plan your day so as to have lunch at this fabulous restaurant. Owners: Rodrigo y Blanca Vidales de Lemus have sparred no expense in the decoration and Blanca has a menu of daily home-style specials. This is the place to sample the famed carnitas (fried pork nuggets) and crispy thinly sliced beef cecina of the region.

Recommended dishes: Gazpacho de Bienvenida – cold jicama, cucumber, and pineapple soup. Carnitas – Crisply-fried pork nuggets. Cecina – with wonderful tortillas of corn in many colors and lively table sauces. Try the macadamia cake for dessert. Macadamias were introduced into the state about 400 years ago and are now a major cash crop.

El Primer Piso
Cocina Contemporánea
Lycia Ruíz .
Plaza Vasco de Quiróga # 29
Esq. Dr. Cass
Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, México
434- 342-0122

While visiting the picturesque city of Patzcuaro and beautiful Lake Patzcuaro be sure and eat at this second story restaurant in a Colonial building full of fantastic arts and cratfs shops. (Be warned! If you’re a shopaholic, you’ll have to exercise an almost super-human amount of self-control — the offerings are quite tempting.) The menu , more Continental than Mexican, is inventive and light. Though I didn’t try them, there are several pasta dishes for those needing a fix.

Recommended dishes: Sopa Tarasca, Calabacitas con Almendras (zucchini with almonds), any of the salads, Pollo en Nogada (chicken in walnut sauce), Pescado Patzcuaro (Patzcuaro white fish with a sauce of parsley, cream, and almonds).
Restaurants in Morelia

La Casa de la Calzada
Calzada Fray Antonio de San Miguel 344
Col. Centro Histórico, Morelia
Phone: 443-313-5319

Restaurante del Hotel Casino
Portal Hidalgo 229, Morelia
Phone: 443-313-1328

La Azotea de los Juaninos
Morelos Sur 39
Centro Histórico 58000, Morelia
Phone: 443-312-0036

La Fonda Santa María
Patzimba 77
Col. Vista Bella 58090, Morelia
Phone: 443-324-4545, 443-315-1738

La Casa del Portal
Guillermo Prieto, 30
Esquina con Avenida Madero
Centro Histórico, Morelia
Phone: 443- 313-4899

Restaurant San Miguelito
Avenida Camelinas,Contraesquina
Del Centro de Convenciones, Morelia
Phone: 443-324-2300

Restaurant Bar del Hotel Villa Montaña
Patzimba, 201
Col. Vista Bella C.P. 58090. Morelia
Phpne: 443-314-0179
Restaurants Pátzcuaro

Restaurants Pátzcuaro

Restaurante Colibrí
Carretera Pátzcuaro-Santa Clara, Km. 3
Pátzcuaro. Restaurant of Hotel Hacienda
Phone: 434-342-4728

Restaurante Doña Paca
Portal Morelos 59-1, Pátzcuaro
(Restaurant of the Hotel Mansión Iturbe)
Phone: 434-342-0368, 434-342-3628

Restaurant Tekare
Arciga 6 Centro
Pátzcuaro (Restaurant of Basilica Hotel)
Phone: 434-342-1108

Restaurante Hostería de San Felipe
Av. Lázaro Cárdenas 321
Col. Centro, Pátzcuaro
(Restaurant of Hotel Hostería de San Felipe)
Phone: 434-342-1298, 434-342-1955

Restaurant Uruapan
Restaurante La Mansión
Parque Nacional s.n, Uruapan
(Restaurant of Hotel Mansión de Cupatitzio
Phone: 452-523-2100

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